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My Perfect Summer Dress: Under $20 on Amazon


My Perfect Summer Dress: Under $20 on Amazon

yellow amazon summer dress

When searching for my perfect summer pieces, I ask myself a few questions before I swipe my card: Is it comfy? And can it be shipped with Prime? When I came across this dress on my Amazon suggested page, I was instantly drawn to the comfy shape, cute color and bargain price.

After 2-3 business days, I received the dress and fell in love with the soft cotton and fun summer color. The ruffles on the skirt and sleeves add a nice touch to the dress and it’s the perfect tea length for summer. It also comes in 6 other colors if mustard yellow isn’t your thing.

I styled this dress with a bright teal embroidered belt, cropped denim jacket and black suede sandals. I love how simple this dress is because it gives you the opportunity to style it in a ton of different ways! The belt gives the flowy dress a nice shape, and the sandals and jacket dress up the otherwise casual look. I topped it off with these beautiful beaded teardrop earrings to give the look a little sparkle.

I thrilled with how this look turned out and I think it would be the perfect outfit for brunch, grad parties or just any place you want to show up looking cute.

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