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The Vintage Individual

Hello Loved by M followers! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and life has changed so much since I graduated last May. I’ve relocated to New York City and started a new job in product development… all during a pandemic! Since I’ve had a bit more time to kill at home these days, I got to thinking more about my passions and how to keep a creative outlet for myself as I start my big-girl job. I’ve always loved fashion – especially unique pieces – and I’ve written about and shared quite a few outfits on this site over the …

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Custom in Capri: My Experience with Custom Capri Sandals

During my time on the Amalfi Coast on spring break, I had a chance to spend the day on the wonderful island of Capri. Something that Capri is world famous for are their custom made leather sandals, made popular after Jackie Kennedy Onassis picked up a pair during her trip there. While doing my research on Capri before leaving, I discovered this beautiful tradition and became very set on experiencing this for myself! When I got to the top of Capri (AnaCapri) I found a beautiful sandal store and was greeted by a wonderful older woman who explained the process …


Coin Jewelry: Making Souvenirs into Something Beautiful

I’m proud to say that my mom is one of my biggest role models. Whether it’s helping someone plan their perfect vacation or helping me with my homework, she puts all her heart and energy into whatever life throws at her. After 30+ years of traveling, my mom has racked up a pretty large coin collection. She’s kept all her coins in a big box in our library for years and I have the fondest memories of going through that box with my mom when I was little. Last year, my mom got inspired to create something beautiful with all …


Adding a Scarf to Your Summer Wardrobe

Silk neck scarves have become the next must have accessory for this summer. We can trace the ascot trend back to Fred from Scooby Doo (he was the trendiest of the gang by far) and the causal neck tie has become more and more popular since it came back on the scene last spring. I picked up a silk bandeau scarf on my last trip to Italy at the Louis Vuitton in Milan. I fell in love with the size and pattern of the scarf and decided to treat myself.  Since then I’ve been experimenting with all the ways I …


The Silver Lining: 7 Pairs of Earrings Under $20


Throughout the years, I’ve always been a big jewelry trend follower. Whether it was those horrendous bubble necklaces we all wore in 2010 (if you know, you know) or the black plastic tattoo chokers we thought made us look punk in middle school, I always had to be wearing the most ridiculous piece of jewelry that I thought made me look too cool for school. Since I’ve grown into my own style – and stopped looking at the pages of Tiger Beat magazine for my outfit inspos – I’ve grown out of the excess amount of jewelry I used to …