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The Silver Lining: 7 Pairs of Earrings Under $20


The Silver Lining: 7 Pairs of Earrings Under $20


Throughout the years, I’ve always been a big jewelry trend follower. Whether it was those horrendous bubble necklaces we all wore in 2010 (if you know, you know) or the black plastic tattoo chokers we thought made us look punk in middle school, I always had to be wearing the most ridiculous piece of jewelry that I thought made me look too cool for school.

Since I’ve grown into my own style – and stopped looking at the pages of Tiger Beat magazine for my outfit inspos – I’ve grown out of the excess amount of jewelry I used to wear. My jewelry collection has been condensed into family pieces and a few things I can’t live without (something I REALLY need to do with my closet). While I don’t tend to wear necklaces or bracelets often, the pieces I still gravitate towards are always earrings. A good pair of earrings dresses up the most causal outfit, while drawing attention to your beautiful face and locks! Here are 7 pairs of earrings that I’m loving from Amazon- all under 20 bucks!

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The bigger the Hoop the Bolder the Look

Hoop earrings are a classic, and they’ve become quite trendy and easily available these past few years. I prefer a lightweight hoop that I can wear all day comfortably. My favorite classic pair are these (a) smaller thick hoops. They’re small enough not to overpower a look but still give you some added bling. I also love these (b) thin classic hoops. They’re the perfect traditional hoop and nickel free.  If you’re looking for a hoop with a unique twist, I recommend these (c) octagon hoop earrings. They’re cute, different and super lightweight.
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Hoops & Loops Sterling Silver 5mm High Polished Medium Round Hoop Earrings
(b)2" fashion earrings hoops hypoallergenic, 18k Rose Gold Plated Hoop Earrings for Womens sensitive ears (c)Riah Fashion Women's Classic Brass Hoop Earrings - Geometric Dangle Hoops Earrings Fashion Earrings for Women

Out There Pairs

I’m always looking for unique pieces that make simple outfits look more original. I got inspired to find earrings like these after seeing a picture of Orion Carloto wearing a pair similar to the ones I found online. (If you don’t know who Orion is I suggest you search her right now. Style icon and an amazing writer, she’s sure to be one of your favorites. Click on the link to see the insta that inspired me!) I think these earrings are some of the coolest pieces I’ve ever had and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. I got the simple stud ones (a) as well as the crystal and pearl drop earrings (b) for more elaborate outfits. Click on any image below for more information and to buy.

(a) LILIE&WHITE Statement Geometric Face Ethnic Earrings Skull Head Earrings for Women Cool Party Accessories
(b) LILIE&WHITE Statement Geometric Face Ethnic Earrings Skull Head Earrings for Women Cool Party Accessories



Ear Crawlers: a Fresh Take On the Stud

I first discovered ear crawlers my freshman year of college (shout out to my next-door neighbor in my dorm for letting me borrow her pair) and I have been obsessed ever since. Ear crawlers are a happy medium between a simple stud and a bold drop earring, and I think they’re the perfect simple touch to an outfit. I’m a big fan of anything space themed, so I have two pairs of star ear crawlers. The Big Dipper pair (a) is so bold and eye catching, while the row of stars (b) are smaller and go well in my second or third piercing. They’re both so unique and great for layering with other earrings to create the trendy curated ear look. Click on any image below for more information and to buy.

(a)IRIS GEMMA Constellation Ear Cuff Platinum Plated Ear Crawler Earrings Ear Climber Earrings Ear Climbers Ear Cartilage Earrings Studs Earrings Ear Jacket for Women (b)YAN & LEI Sterling Silver Mix Linked Stars Sweep up Ear Pin Crawler Cuff Wrap Climber Earrings


Jewlery has the power to take an outfit from causal to dressed up and from ordinary to unique. It helps create a personalized touch on an outfit and spice up pieces you’ve been wearing a lot. I hope this post leads you to your next must-have pair of earring!


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