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Adding a Scarf to Your Summer Wardrobe


Adding a Scarf to Your Summer Wardrobe

Silk neck scarves have become the next must have accessory for this summer. We can trace the ascot trend back to Fred from Scooby Doo (he was the trendiest of the gang by far) and the causal neck tie has become more and more popular since it came back on the scene last spring.

I picked up a silk bandeau scarf on my last trip to Italy at the Louis Vuitton in Milan. I fell in love with the size and pattern of the scarf and decided to treat myself.  Since then I’ve been experimenting with all the ways I can incorporate this scarf into my summer outfits. Here are 4 ways I’ve been wearing my Louis Vuitton bandeau silk scarf:

  1. Head Wrap

This has been my favorite way to wear this scarf so far. The length is perfect to tie around my head with a nice bow. I think the color pops out well with my hair color, and I love how much of a statement it makes when I bring the knot to the front.

  1. Ponytail Holder

This has been the easiest way for me to blend this statement scarf into my everyday casual wardrobe. The strong silk material makes it easy for me to tie my hair up in buns and ponytails, giving causal hairstyles an elegant touch.

  1. Purse Bow

This is a great way to make an older bag feel new again. Even on days when I leave the house in yoga pants, throwing on my Tory Burch saddle bag with this LV scarf tied around it makes me feel a bit more put together.

  1. Choker

This is the trendiest way I’ve incorporated this scarf into my wardrobe. This scarf is thin enough to be folded in half and tied as a choker. I like wearing this scarf on nights out when my outfit just needs a nice touch.


I hope that this article has inspired you to pull out your scarves this summer and make them work with your warm weather wardrobe!


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