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The Vintage Individual

Hello Loved by M followers! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and life has changed so much since I graduated last May. I’ve relocated to New York City and started a new job in product development… all during a pandemic! Since I’ve had a bit more time to kill at home these days, I got to thinking more about my passions and how to keep a creative outlet for myself as I start my big-girl job. I’ve always loved fashion – especially unique pieces – and I’ve written about and shared quite a few outfits on this site over the …

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Last Minute Gifts for Everyone in Your Life- Including Yourself

We are coming up on the most wonderful time of the year – that is unless you have no idea what to gift the people in your life. Christmas can be stressful – relatives, cooking and finding the most perfect gift for family and friends doesn’t always make this season merry and bright. As someone who prides themselves in finding unique and personal gifts for the people in her life – I’ve created a little gift guide for everyone you could be gifting for this holiday season! Merry shopping! For the ladies in your life – girlfriend, best friend or …


DIY Safety Pin Tailgating Sweater

Tailgate season is in full swing for college football and that means one thing to me: fun tailgate outfits in your school colors. While fun crop tops and cheer skirts are hard to resists, these game day looks can be pricey, especially if you’re trying to mix it up every game. It has hit the point in tailgating seasons where my girl gang and I are getting tired of our usual looks, and we are running out of clothes to share with each other. Since I’m balling on a budget but still trying to be in the tailgate spirit, I’ve …


4 Pairs of Jeans You Should Have in Your Closet

I’m currently in a very serious, long-term, love/hate relationship with jeans. Every girl can relate to the feeling of disappointment that comes with trying on countless jean sizes only to be left empty handed and upset. It takes a special shape and fit of jeans to fit me right but when I do find the perfect fit, it’s love at first sight. Although it’s quite a process to find jeans (no matter your body type), every woman deserves to feel amazing in a pair of jeans that fits her like a glove. Once you find that perfect fit, here are …


My Perfect Summer Dress: Under $20 on Amazon

yellow amazon summer dress

When searching for my perfect summer pieces, I ask myself a few questions before I swipe my card: Is it comfy? And can it be shipped with Prime? When I came across this dress on my Amazon suggested page, I was instantly drawn to the comfy shape, cute color and bargain price. After 2-3 business days, I received the dress and fell in love with the soft cotton and fun summer color. The ruffles on the skirt and sleeves add a nice touch to the dress and it’s the perfect tea length for summer. It also comes in 6 other …