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The Vintage Individual

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The Vintage Individual

Hello Loved by M followers! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and life has changed so much since I graduated last May. I’ve relocated to New York City and started a new job in product development… all during a pandemic! Since I’ve had a bit more time to kill at home these days, I got to thinking more about my passions and how to keep a creative outlet for myself as I start my big-girl job.

I’ve always loved fashion – especially unique pieces – and I’ve written about and shared quite a few outfits on this site over the past few years. After lots of brainstorming and thinking about what makes me who I am, I created and launched The Vintage Individual – a brand of curated New York vintage pieces that have been restored and reworked by yours truly!

I’m so excited to share The Vintage Individual, and I have put so much work into each item in my collection. I have already sold 10 items, and it warms my heart to think of people all over the country wearing the one of a kind pieces from my shop.

The Vintage Individual aims to bring unique New York vintage pieces to everyone, and we are aiming to be a unisex and size inclusive store. I rework and restore all the items by hand in my Upper West Side apartment, and each garment was found by me and my family. I truly love every item we carry, so much that I almost keep most of it for myself!

Our second collection is out now and we are thrilled to be bringing you 6 more unique items at a variety of price points and sizes. During the month of February, I will be reworking 3 new items for the store which will go up in March. The Vintage Individual has already been a dream come true for me and I can’t wait for the brand to grow!

You can follow us on Instagram and TikTok and shop our collection on Depop at @thevintageindividual. Happy shopping!

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