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Milano Fashion week


Milano Fashion week

One of the main reasons I decided to study abroad in Milan was the fashion and retail innovation that happens in this city. Everyday I walk down the streets and become inspired by the outfits, accessories and store windows I pass on my way to school. I had been awaiting Milan Fashion Week for months now, and I’m so happy that I got to experience my first fashion week in my time abroad. Here’s a look at the events I attended and what I was wearing during MFW.

My fashion week events started on Thursday, and interesting enough my first event was held at a furniture design studio. I got the amazing opportunity to tour the private studio of the late furniture designer Achille Castiglioni. The tour was lead by his daughter, and I was fascinated to see where some of the most iconic furniture pieces in the world were created. There was inspiration all around us, from the left-as-is design spaces to the amazing library filled with sketches and design books. Design was truly all around us, and it was very interesting to see the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces.

After the furniture studio, I headed out on a tour of the most high-end shopping streets in Milan. I toured flagship stores like Gucci and Armani with my luxury brand management class, giving us a better opportunity to understand how these high-end stores are set up to provide the customer the most luxurious shopping experience possible.

On Thursday I kept things pretty simple, wearing a sleek black jumpsuit with a red printed wrap top to add layers. I finished the look with my grey knit coat and an amazing cross-body bag with a rhinestone strap. I knew I would be walking allover town and wanted to keep things cozy and comfy but still sleek and sophisticated.

On Friday I headed to my most exciting event of the week, the Serapian press day event. I was lucky enough to get my name on the list for this private press event to get a better look at the new collection before their runway show the following day. It was a beautiful event, complete with champagne, hors d’oeuvres, a flower wall made of 500,000 roses and a private piano concert to complete the night. The leather goods on display were beyond gorgeous, and I was so delighted to see these beautifully crafted pieces up close. Everyone at the event was so welcoming and kind and I was so honored to be surrounded by so many successful men and women in the fashion industry.

My look for the press event was definitely my favorite outfit I’ve worn in a while. I paired a cream colored knit top with an amazing pleated cream skirt, and a golden fur bomber jacket. I completed the outfit with earrings I wrote about in this post, tortoiseshell cat-eye glasses, brown leather booties and my brand new limited edition Dior scarf. The outfit was very muted and simple and I loved the way everything fit together to create the final look.

My last event fell on Sunday, which was the perfect way to wrap up a wonderful week of fashion appreciation. I attended the opening of the Moncler Genius building in Milan, and it definitely lived up to its name! I was lucky enough to get my hands on fast-pass tickets, which made seeing all of the pieces on display much easier. I toured all eight rooms of the building, with each room holding a beautifully displayed collection of the classic Moncler outerwear everyone covets. I even got the chance to experience the Moncler puffy gowns designed by the creative director of Valentino.

For this event I wore an amazing two-piece set from Zara that featured quilted details to match the Moncler vibe. I paired it with my grey knit coat, white buckle boots and my vintage Louis Vuitton lock necklace.

Overall, I had a fantastic experience during my first fashion week. I met some amazing people, got to learn more about Italian-based brands and saw some fantastic street style. I can’t wait for the next fashion week I get to be part of, and I will always be thankful for this amazing experience while studying abroad here in Milano.

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