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Study Abroad Log: Croatia


Study Abroad Log: Croatia

This past weekend I traveled to Split, Croatia for an amazing weekend with new and old friends! While every weekend trip this semester has been amazing, most of my travel outside of Italy has been to places I have previously visited. This weekend in Croatia was one of the first places I’ve been to for the very first time while studying abroad, and I loved experiencing this amazing country.

We started the weekend off with a bang – zip-lining in the Croatian mountains! This was such a surreal and beautiful experience and I am so glad we splurged a bit on this excursion. We took a beautiful (but very steep) hike up the mountains until we began our descent via zip-lines! We took 8 lines down, including our last one that crossed over the beautiful Cetina River. After an afternoon full of adventure and a much needed nap, we headed out on a hostel-wide pub crawl to experience some of Split’s nightlife. One of the best things about Croatia is how affordable it is, so we definitely got our money’s worth at dinner and the bars.

On Saturday we headed out to the harbor for our boat cruise to the Blue Lagoon. I had an wonderful day enjoying the sun and amazing views while celebrating my friend’s birthday! We spent the afternoon at two different places in the Blue Lagoon, relaxing on the beach and drinking tropical smoothies. It was the perfect day, and it definitely got me in the mood for summer!

We finished out the weekend on Sunday at Croatia’s Krka national park. We spent the morning hiking, enjoying the beautiful waterfalls and eating delicious crepes before heading back to Italy. After living in a big city for the past four months, it was such a nice getaway to spend some quiet time in nature and relax after a jam-packed weekend.

Overall, I loved Croatia and I am so thankful to have been able to find the time to explore this great country during my time abroad. While I wouldn’t change my weekend for anything, I definitely will be back so that I can experience the amazing snorkeling and swimming in the Blue Lagoon and the Krka national park springs. I can’t wait for a chance to come back to Split some day soon!

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