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The Vintage Individual

Hello Loved by M followers! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and life has changed so much since I graduated last May. I’ve relocated to New York City and started a new job in product development… all during a pandemic! Since I’ve had a bit more time to kill at home these days, I got to thinking more about my passions and how to keep a creative outlet for myself as I start my big-girl job. I’ve always loved fashion – especially unique pieces – and I’ve written about and shared quite a few outfits on this site over the …


5 Products for the Perfect Quarantine Home Gym

While some gyms are now starting to re-open, so many of us have experienced the convenience of working out at home that we may not even go back! Gyms were just permitted to open at 33% last week here in New York City, but I’m not sure that I feel comfortable going back to a shared workout space just yet. During quarantine, I’ve challenged myself to stay active as best I can, which has led me to new workout videos, equipment and even training for my first half marathon. While it hasn’t been easy to be my own workout instructor, …

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Quarantine Kitchen: My Monkey Bread Recipe

During the corona-virus quarantine, I’ve seen a lot of people become top chefs. My Instagram and Twitter feeds are filled with people perfecting their sourdough starter, making those fancy cakes that have candy inside, and even those tiny pancakes people are eating like cereal (weird but I respect it). While I haven’t quite reached that level of lock-down chef, I have been spending a lot more time cooking and baking for my boyfriend and I during this time. We love eating adventurous foods and trying new cuisines, so I have had to get creative in the kitchen so that at …


College Advice From a Recent Graduate: Five Things to Know Before Move In Day

To be completely honest, I hated high school. While I was lucky to attend a great school that gave me the skills and opportunities to get into my first choice college, I had a tough time with friends and feeling connected to my school. When it came time to head to college, I knew it was up to me to start fresh and connect with the people I met so that I could feel differently the next four years. As an official (no graduation, still got a diploma!) graduate of Indiana University, I can confidently say that the last four …


My Final Abroad Log: Study Abroad Advice

In case you missed about 90% of the content on this page, I studied abroad in college. I always knew I wanted to study abroad, but I had no idea how much planning and effort it would take to ensure I made the most of my four months abroad. If you are considering going abroad and feel overwhelmed with options and planning, here are five tips I have to make the most of your study abroad experience.  1. Consider a homestay… While it may sound more exciting to stay in a dorm or an apartment with other study abroad students, …