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Goat Yoga: An Adorable Way to Spice Up Your Yoga Routine


Goat Yoga: An Adorable Way to Spice Up Your Yoga Routine

I love yoga as much as the next trendy millennial but let’s face it – sometimes yoga can get boring. You try your best to be zen, sweat out the junk food you’ve been eating and work on your sun salutation but things can get repetitive. You know what’s not boring? Goats. Here’s everything you need to know about my time at goat yoga.

Goat yoga is slowly becoming more common, but I first tried this adorably fuzzy workout last summer before it was as popular (which made me feel cooler than it should but whatever) and it was truly the best yoga experience of my life. We woke up early on a Saturday (yikes) and headed over to a small backyard farm in the Dallas area. Not only did they have 4 cute goats, but they also had a dog that would lay on your yoga mat which is kind of incredible.

The backyard quickly filled up as everyone found a spot to put their mat and the cup of goat food we were given at the door. The goats were not scared at all and quickly came around to meet all of their new buddies! The yoga practice itself was different and energizing and we stopped often to enjoy our time with the goats. The only bad thing was that the goats are obviously not potty trained and did use the bathroom on a girl’s mat, so I would suggest leaving your beloved Lululemon mat at home. After the practice we had time to hang out, take pictures and meet the wonderful people who take care of the goats.

Goat yoga was such a creative way to mix up an everyday yoga practice. I got to give love to some cute animals, mix up my exercise schedule and enjoy time with the friends that came with me! I highly suggest that you seek out yoga with animals of any kind or perhaps start your own! I promise you won’t be bored, even in shavasana.

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