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Coin Jewelry: Making Souvenirs into Something Beautiful


Coin Jewelry: Making Souvenirs into Something Beautiful

I’m proud to say that my mom is one of my biggest role models. Whether it’s helping someone plan their perfect vacation or helping me with my homework, she puts all her heart and energy into whatever life throws at her. After 30+ years of traveling, my mom has racked up a pretty large coin collection. She’s kept all her coins in a big box in our library for years and I have the fondest memories of going through that box with my mom when I was little. Last year, my mom got inspired to create something beautiful with all of the unique coins she has collected and started to create beautiful jewelry with them. Here’s a look at some of the amazing pieces she’s crafted and how to do it yourself!

Pearls with a Euro from our past trip to Italy

My mom starts by going to local shops to find necklaces on sale. Our Charming Charlies always has the cutest jewelry on sale and we look for items that we could easily enhance (like necklaces with tassels and beaded bracelets.) She also goes to our local craft store to stock up on clasps and little rings to keep the coins secure.

After the shopping, it’s all about the creativity! My mom loves to find the most beautiful printed coins to display on statement necklaces, trendy chokers and simple stud earrings. She creates custom and unique pieces that are perfect as gifts (I made a necklace for each of my best friends for Christmas and they loved them!)

Red bead strand with a Bahamian coin




Watching (and trying to help but really hurting the process) my mom make these beautiful pieces makes me so proud. Each coin she uses has a unique story of my mom’s travel behind it and she has such an amazing eye for creating simple, elegant pieces. She is so thoughtful in everything she does and this is no exception. I love wearing my coin jewelry because not only is it beautiful and personal, but it always reminds me of my biggest role model – my mama!


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