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7 Questions with Sarah Tripp on Body Positivity and Being You


7 Questions with Sarah Tripp on Body Positivity and Being You

Source: Sarah’s Instagram, @sassyredlipstick

When I tell people about this site, I always get asked who inspired me to make Loved by M a reality. My answer is always the same: Sarah Tripp. Sarah- also known as Sassy Red Lipstick- is a beautiful and intelligent young woman who is known on social media for her body positivity and KILLER style. She was recently featured in an article by where she shared “common flaws” that really aren’t flaws at all. Being someone who’s struggled with body positivity, that article has really changed how I look at myself. Sarah makes me believe in myself and even though I haven’t met her in person (it’s on my goal list) I feel so deeply connected to her message.

Source: Sarah’s Instagram, @sassyredlipstick

Not only is Sarah beautiful and fashion forward, but her and her husband Robbie are deeply driven to creating success through their social media platforms. Robbie is also an inspiration of mine as well, being an amazing public speaker and author of the book Create Rebellion. The couple was also recently featured in a Forbes article where they shared their insight on developing a successful social media career.

In my eyes, Robbie and Sarah are the definition of a power couple. Last year they went viral after Robbie shared a heart-melting post about loving Sarah for who she was, every curve included. The story was shared across the globe, and they were even interviewed for Daily Mail and Women’s Health. If you haven’t read this post, click off this page immediately and go read it. Trust me, it’s a tear jerker.

Source: Sarah’s Instagram, @sassyredlipstick

I recently reached out to Sarah hoping to ask her a few questions for my site. When I got the notification that she messaged me back agreeing to be interviewed I was over the moon! Here are 7 questions and answers with Sassy Red Lipstick herself:

  1. Everyone’s journey with self-love and body confidence is different and challenging in its own way. How old were you when you started to embrace your curves and create a positive narrative around your body?

It’s hard to pinpoint a certain time because self-love is such a journey! There are a lot of ups and downs, and it’s all about working on loving yourself a little more each day. I wasn’t always feel so confident with my curves and it’s taken a while to get here. I still have bad days where I’m too hard on myself! It’s definitely a process.

That being said, it was when I started dating Robbie that I started to believe my curvy figure was beautiful and sexy. It was so helpful to have someone like Robbie who made me feel that way, who told me that he was attracted to my thick thighs and that my soft tummy was cute. I fully believe that self-love starts from within but it’s so helpful to have support! Robbie helped me find that confidence that had been covered by years of not feeling good enough.


  1. If you could give your teenage-self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Stop worrying! No one is as concerned about your body as you are. Once you learn that everyone at the beach or at the pool is just having a good time and not staring at you, you can relax! Have confidence and don’t hold yourself back. We are all our own worst critics. Once we realize that, then we can make the decision to free ourselves from our own criticism!


  1. You and Robbie have been in the public eye a lot as a couple, and you talk a lot about your marriage on social media. How do you maintain a private and positive relationship despite possible public opinions or criticism?

It can be tricky sometimes! We try to keep that balance of letting people in on what we’re doing while still keeping some things private and sacred between us. We feel so blessed that we have so many amazing followers who tune in for our relationship and that makes us want to be open and honest with all of you! But we also have to realize that our real life relationship is top priority and sometimes that means unplugging and being present with one another. We don’t let the haters/trolls come between us and we always stay true to the foundation of our life: our marriage.


  1. You are connected with such a wide variety of amazing people and brands. How do you best put yourself out there to connect and network with other people and brands in the industry?

It’s doing just that: putting yourself out there! You can’t make connections sitting on the couch and waiting for the right opportunity to come knocking on your door, you have to go out and chase it! Social media is such a great way to connect and then meeting face to face is so important for establishing longterm relationships. Find the brands you want to work with, seek out the right contact, and then put your best foot forward and reach out! Robbie and I have always said how important it is to bet on yourself.


  1. I’m currently working on a post about how every women deserves to have an outfit- no matter what that outfit is- that makes them feel like the best version of themselves. What would that outfit be for you?

Love that! That outfit for me is a good pair of high waisted jeans, a bodysuit, and a pair of heels. I think this is a winning combo for any curvy girl because it accentuates your best features. I’m all about highlighting my shape and I encourage other curvy women to do the same!


  1. You and other curvy women are paving the way for a more accepting and inclusive fashion industry (Like how EPIC the Arie swim week models were!) What are your hopes for the future of the fashion industry?

It really was an honor to be a part of Aerie’s first ever show at Swim Week. I’m so proud of what the brand is doing to include women of all different colors, sizes, and abilities in their advertising. I hope to see many more brands start to include that type of representation in their marketing. I want to see more plus sizes available in more brands, I want to see curvy girls in TV commercials and on magazine covers, I just want our view of what is “beautiful” to open up!


  1. Finally- what’s your biggest piece of advice for anyone- of any shape of size- who has dreams of a career in the fashion industry?

You can do it! It may seem impossible at times but if you put in the work every day, one day you’ll find that you’ve landed right where you always wanted to be. Looking back I can’t pinpoint one moment that led me to where I am, I just see five years of hard work and consistent posting that led me to building an audience, making relationships, and creating better content. My big piece of advice is to dream big and then work toward your end goal every single day!

Make sure to give Sarah and Robbie some much deserved love! Their instagrams are @sassyredlipstick and @tripp and make sure to check out Sarah’s blog at

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