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10 Pieces in My Closet I Can’t Live Without

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10 Pieces in My Closet I Can’t Live Without

After a lot of procrastination and brain storming, I’ve decided I want to first put out content for you (whoever I can guilt into reading these posts) to get to know me, and how better to do that then to raid my closet. Here are 10 pieces from my closet that I can’t live without:

1. Highlighter Sundress
Highlighter Dress

If you know me at all, you’ve probably seen me in this highlighter hued dress one too many times. I found this gem in the clearance room at Urban Outfitters almost four years ago and it’s been one of my favorite pieces ever since. The sunflower lace overlay and trim detailing make this dress perfect for spring, and I love looking ridiculously bold in this fun color.

2. Embroidered Jean Jacket
Acid Washed Jean Jacket
Jean jackets have been getting a lot of heat lately for being “basic” but if there one thing I’ve learned about style, it’s that no one else’s opinion matters but yours (and Anna Wintour’s, but that goes unsaid.) I currently have four jean jackets in my closet, but this one is my favorite. I got this embroidered acid washed jean jacket from Urban Outfitters last fall. The bug embroidery adds a cool touch to the jacket that I think makes it look vintage. I also added alien and UFO pins on the collars to give the jacket a personalized touch.

3. High-Neck Blouse
High-Neck Blouse
This piece is one of my newest favorites. I found this blouse on my latest thrift store run and I fell in love with the cool pattern and neckline. This silk blouse with mother of pearl buttons was a steal at goodwill, and I can’t wait to pair it with white jeans or lace shorts during the summer.

4. Black Jeans
Black Jeans
I usually stay away from jeans all together, (I’ll eventually make a whole post dedicated to my love/hate relationship with jeans) but I’ve been loving these black high waisted bell bottom jeans from American Eagle. I found them on sale last month and I love how stretchy and comfortable they are. I got them in the tall length and they fit perfectly, which is always a challenge for me. Lately I’ve been wearing these jeans with a belt and a tee shirt tucked in and I love the laid back and fitted look these jeans give me.

5. Crossbody Saddle Bag
Crossbody Saddle Bag
This Tory Burch saddle bag was the first bag I bought for myself. I grabbed this bag on sale at Saks in NYC and I’ve never loved a bag more in my life (which for me is a lot of love.) I think the saddle bag is such a classic style and goes with just about every outfit I put together. It’s the perfect size and color, not to mention its by my all-time favorite designer and role model.

6. Pleated Sundress
Pleated Sundress
Another Tory Burch piece! What can I say, this woman knows what she’s doing. I love this dress and everything about it. The shape and cut is so flattering and the pattern and pleating make this dress perfect for summer. I bought this dress for my Christmas trip to Aruba and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It’s perfect for summer, but I also love this dress with a sweater and riding boots for the cooler months.

7. Headscarf
Louis Vuitton Head Scarf
I treated myself to this amazing Louis Vuitton headscarf when I was in Milan last month. The pattern is so unique (the red and white logos give me major supreme collab vibes) and I think the length is perfect. I’ve worn it as a headband, a neck scarf, a belt, tied as an actual tie and I’ve tied it around the strap of my bags. The pattern is one from the LV Europe collection so it will always remind me of my time in Italy.

8. Two-Piece Set
Two-Piece Set
The two piece set trend is something I’m really here for this summer. This specific set is from Free People and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the polka dot print and soft fabric. I’ve worn both the top and the skirt separately many times and I love that I can create so many different outfits out of these two pieces. I love wearing the set together because it passes as a dress and looks perfect for the summer with sandals or a short boot.

9. Crepe Pants
Crepe Pance
These Crepe pants from Urban Outfitters are basically socially acceptable sweat pants. The material is so comfy (I’ve wore these bad boys on a 12-hour plane ride so id know) and the cut is so flattering. The shiny material gives the pants a dressed up look, and the high waist makes them perfect to pair with a cropped sweater or tee. Honestly, my biggest regret about these pants is not buying 3 more pairs.

10. Espadrilles
Espadrilles have been a staple in my closest since I discovered the Chanel pairs (still dreaming about those bad boys.) I have 5 pairs in my collection now, ranging from sling backs to platforms to the classic slip on. I will always be faithful to my Tory Burch espadrilles because as you can tell I drink the Tory Kool Aid, but I also love my Steve Madden pair and my MK pair as well. This style of shoe is so simple to pair and they’re perfect for any occasion.

I’m so excited to create this fashionable little corner of the internet and put out content that helps you get to know me as well (I’m acting like I don’t know that the only person reading this is my mom but you’ve got to start somewhere.) I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what I love to wear, and I hope this inspires you to give some love to your favorite pieces as well.

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