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4 Products to Take Your Quarantined Beauty Routine to The Next Level


4 Products to Take Your Quarantined Beauty Routine to The Next Level

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The best advice I’ve received during this coronavirus quarantine is to try and continue your normal schedule and routines. While I’ve had my fair share of sleeping in and playing too much Animal Crossing, I have been trying my best to make myself feel “normal” and prepared for whatever is going on that day (it’s usually not much, but still!).

One thing I’ve tried to do at home is get ready every day, even if that is just changing out of sweats and putting a cute clip in my hair. While looking my best always helps me feel my best, I am still doing my part to self-isolate and have been avoiding places like the nail and hair salons that usually help me feel put together.

In order to keep social distancing while also looking good, I’ve found four great products (all on Amazon Prime!) that have helped me feel put together from the safety of my own home during these times.

4 Products to Take Your Quarantined Beauty Routine to The Next Level:

  1. Gel Nail Polish and Lamp
    As someone who struggles with nail biting, I always have my nails done to help curb my bad habit. Since I haven’t been able to frequent the salon for a mani-pedi, I have ordered a gel lamp and gel polish from Amazon. I have never been good at doing my own nails, but gel polish is really easy to remove from your cuticles before curing, so even I can make my nails look great. I have enjoyed the gel lamp I have linked here, but as for the polish I have ordered so many different brands from Amazon and I have liked them all – just make sure to check the reviews before you add to your cart. I even purchased some nail tips and fun nail stickers, and despite all the extras my cart was only at $40, which is around the price I would pay for a full set at the salon. It has also been a way to relax and express myself during these times, even if the only people who see my nails are my parents over facetime and the food delivery man.
    UV Gel Nail Lamp

  2. Foot Peel Mask
    As I mentioned above, getting a mani-pedi is out of the question these days in order to keep myself and nail technicians safe and healthy. While the gel lamp and polishes I bought make my toenails look cute, there is still nothing like a good foot scrub and exfoliant from the nail salon. I have also been trying to run more and the sweat and impact has wreaked havoc on my feet. I recently purchased foot exfoliant booties from Amazon – something I’ve done a few times at school when I was too busy to go to the nail salon. You wear these booties for an hour before you shower, and in a few days the dead skin on your feet will literally fall off! I know it sounds nasty but trust me when I say that these booties plus the gel lamp make me feel like I just left the nail salon, without the credit card charge!

  3. Eyebrow Tinting
    One great thing about this quarantine is that all the makeup-free days have given my skin a chance to breathe! On my makeup-free days, the one thing I always notice are my eyebrows. There is nothing like a nice eyebrow pencil to make you feel like a new person! My eyebrows are very asymmetrical, so I really like to fill them in when I wear makeup to bring more symmetry and depth to my eye look. Since I have been trying to let my skin relax, I’ve been looking for ways to step up my brow game without bringing more makeup into the picture. Thankfully, I have great friends who have equally great eyebrows, and they have turned me on to at-home eyebrow tinting! I know it sounds scary, but it is literally one of the easiest thing I’ve ever done! This brow kit comes with pre-measured dye in tiny capsules so that there is no waste or fear of measuring errors. You only have to leave the dye on for two minutes and it is safe for sensitive skin like mine. I love how this kit makes my brows look without makeup even if there are a limited number of people noticing the change.

  4. Blow Out Hair Dryer
    I enjoy a great blowout at the dry bar for special occasions or a pick me up. Even with hair salons opening back up in my state, I am still trying to do my part to stay at home and avoid close contact. I found this amazing blow dryer brush that has completely changed my hair game during quarantine and will continue to be a part of my everyday routine. After I shower, I let my hair dry in a terry cloth towel until it is damp. Then I spray on a heat protectant and brush through my hair with the dryer. I usually just brush my hair through straight, but sometimes I use the round brush in a spiral motion as I release the hair to create naturally bouncy curls. I finish my hair off with the DryBar sparkling soda mist. This brush gives my hair so much shine and volume with no fizz, and it only takes me about 15 minutes to style all of my hair! I swear this feels and looks exactly like my hair when I leave the dry bar. 

Even though things have been tough lately, I am trying to push myself to keep going and wake up every morning ready to seize the day. Getting ready and feeling put together has really been helping me feel more motivated and more like myself during these anxious times. Even though it’s not the easiest to complete these beauty routines from home, I am proud of myself for being resourceful and I will definitely continue to use these products post-quarantine!

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