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Big & Lil: A look at My Clue Week Crafts


Big & Lil: A look at My Clue Week Crafts

There is no love quite like the love a sorority girl has for her little. We spend weeks on crafting before we even know who she is, buying tee shirts and painting letters and canvases so that on bid day she will know how loved she is. It must seem crazy to anyone outside of the Greek world, because of how much time and money we are willing to spend to welcome the newest member into our Greek family. When it came time for me to get my perfectly amazing little, I prepared for weeks so that I could go all out during clue week and bid night. Here’s a look at the crafts and clues I left for my little – in case you need a bit of inspiration to welcome your own girl!

Decorating Her Room

The best clue by far that I left my little was the night I broke into her dorm room (what are the odds that I knew her RA?!) and decorated her room. I blew up balloons, hung streamers and covered her bed with gifts. I left her candy, notes of encouragement, a light-up unicorn (our mascot) and one of my favorite creations – my pearl canvas! This canvas was no easy creation, and I spent hours making it look perfect for her. I used our sorority colors and jewels, both things that could easily be changed according to your chapter! 

Canvas Clues

The most fun (and time consuming) part of clue week was all the crafting. After finding some inspiration on Pinterest, I created these two canvases. I used paint pens for both of them for the more precise lines and lettering and basic paint for the rest. These canvases look pretty intricate, but I just followed what I saw on Pinterest and took my time penciling it out before I started with the paint. My little loved these canvases so much that she decorated a bulletin board in our chapter house with them


Holographic Letters

I knew that I wanted to make letters for my little from the start, and I wanted them to be unique and edgy. I found the inspiration for these holographic CD letters on Pinterest (who’s surprised) and I love how they turned out. I cut 10 CDs into small pieces and made sure each piece was a different shape. I got the letters at a local craft store and painted them black so the CD pieces would stand out better. I glued the pieces on and added smaller CD pieces in the gaps to give the letters a nice pattern. These were so easy to make but they look like I spent so much time on them – which was a win for both me and my little!

Reveal Night 

For the night of “big & little” reveal, I wanted to have a fun theme to my gifts. I picked a Kanye theme and made sure that my canvas and tee shirts fit with the “Pablo era” font I was going for. I found great tee shirts on Etsy that went perfectly with the theme and they turned out to be great quality. I also made this vertical canvas with a trusty paint pen and lots of focus on the lettering. I googled Kanye letters and did my best to replicate them and I think it turned out great! This canvas is hanging in my little’s room in our chapter house, so I think its safe to say she liked it!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much time or money you spend on your little, but rather how much love you put into your relationship with her. The bond you have with your little is incomparable to anything else, and that doesn’t change depending on how many canvases you paint her! I hope you found some inspiration for your own clue week!

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