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Self Care on a Time Crunch: 3 Quick Steps to Add to Your Beauty Routine

On a typical weekday, very few of us have time to stop and take care of ourselves. Between work, school and a social life, must of us would call it a good day if we even have time to wash our hair. Even though we’ve only got 24 hours in a day and so much to do, I think it’s important to implement little things into your beauty routine to help you relax, take a moment for yourself and do something good for you body. Here’s a look at the three items I’ve added to my beauty routine for some …

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6 Must-Have Items In My Travel Bag

While I’ve always been a bit of a frequent flyer, this semester I have definitely accumulated a lot more miles under my belt. I’ve learned how to be way more of a savvy packer thanks to smaller European airlines and their sometimes ridiculous regulations over what size bags I can bring on-board. Although I’ve lost a face cream or two to security and even had my soft carry-on luggage tossed into checked baggage (ouch), these weekend flights have helped me narrow down my packing to the essentials. While I’ve been in Europe, I’ve carried the same two bags on all …